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COR Nutrition is a full-service Herbalife smoothie bar, offering protein shakes, coffee, cold brew, tea, pre and post-workout boosters, supplements, greens, and so much more. We wanted to create a cozy, yet energetic space for people to socialize, share their love of health and fitness, spread good vibes, and indulge in delicious smoothies. COR is another step toward a healthier and happier community.

herbalife ingredients for maximum benefits

Our products aid in weight loss, build muscle, enhance your immune system, help with stress management, boost heart health, support digestive health, strengthen hair and skin, rehydrate, and energize!

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Get all the benefits of our smoothies from the comfort of your own home.

where we are

We’re located right next door to the Fenton Boomers Bootcamp

You can find our products INSIDE the Traverse City Boomers Bootcamp

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